Christian Schwarzwald performed a stunning series of monotypes mid November.





Christian is in full swing making an allover black image. 





He's rolling up a rainbow roll which he'll apply to top of image.





Once rolled up his blue and white stripes, he pursues in black on top.





Some of the finished large formats.





End results.





He signed 8 finished compositions.





Berlin based Austrian painter Christian Schwarzwald has come on our invitation to try ideas in the monotype process. 





As an artist very comfortable in serial work, he chose one sheet size and one style of paper: Rivoli 120g, 64x45 cm.

In three sessions, he made over a hundred complex, masterful pieces of which around 70 were kept.







Dine progress report




Ongoing Jim Dine piece has received one black etching pass and a five color woodcut on top of the painted background.




A more advanced stage with another five color woodcut and another etching pass, but in white on black.







Anthony White, an Australian painter, recently based in Paris, has come in to produce a 7 color lithograph.




Anthony White, on left, surveys inking of his fourth plate.
Big Jim Dine etching hanging in back
and Marc Desgrandchamps
edition in the air suspended by clothes pins.

Anthony created all the plates from September to November. Some were cutout shapes transferred to plate, some were hand drawn lines or shapes on others.





The artist in front of the wall trial proofs with four slightly different versions he would choose from.






Printers Alice Gauthier and Marc Moyano
have teamed up to produce the run of 30.


Anthony White with help from the Creative Career Fund administered by The Copyright Agency, (Australia) has been funded to collaborate with Atelier Michael Woolworth experimenting with lithographic processes. More information can be found here: http://copyright.com.au/culturalfund/career-fund/projects-supported/2015-career-fund-projects 








Experimenting grease and water with Emilie Pitoiset,
a unique experience.



French artist Emilie Pitoiset in front of her fallen silk sheet waiting for it to settle.




The silk sheet is placed in a water bucket and then the artist wrings it out slightly to a desired humidity level.


She approaches the press and flicks it on top of metal matrix in a quick movement.





The soggy sheet will settle for a few seconds and then will be promptly removed by her, where upon Julien rushes with his greasy ink covered roller and spreads the ink over the wet surface and reveals the imprint of the silk.


Emilie, at the moment of letting the sheet drop, just before letting it go completely.



This edition, a diptych on Japanese paper at 25 copies, is published by the French culture ministry's visual art department.



The artist with Sébastien Faucon, head of the program at the culture ministry, selecting the diptychs before signing.




Salzburg born painter Christian Schwarzwald warms up to monotype.




Austrian Christian Schwarzwald in town for a warmup monotype session. A prelude to whats coming up in November.




First results very promising. 


A wonderful effect both from line and background.














On wall, first steps of new adventure with Jim Dine. A large etching, and some woodcut elements dropped on a painted background. On table, Jean-Michel Othoniel new production.


Just for the record, this is a table plank hanging around printing space with random color spalshes from past years.




Dine was so enthusiastic discovering it one morning, he asked to gouge it and turn it into a woodcut for his new piece.


You have here current state of image with double hit of carved plank. Most likely this image, in progress, will not look much like this in the end, but its nice to remember states.







Marc Desgrandchamps in town a week before our opening at the Normale Sup library to perform a contract job for a company.


Pen, ink and pencil composition on stone in front space while Dine is wreaking havoc in back with chainsaws and grinders.





First proofs : second to left is a hand colored one on first black proof to determine color layout. The others have three color passes.


Final result or B.A.T. of L'orage by Marc Desgrandchamps. An edition to be printed at 100 copies format 65 x 50 cm on BFK Rives.




Trials for Jean-Michel Othoniel to be placed in his future exhibit in October at Editions Dilecta Gallery in Paris. A long story to be told at a later date.







                                                First editions being signed by Mélanie Delattre-Vogt. A series of 4 lithographs intitled Poulpe. Each an run of twenty.




Carole Benzaken starts her first experience in monotyping.


While Jim Dine pursues his third large format of the season.




Big monotype session with Pierre Mabille hanging his own works aided by intern Eléonore Giessler.




Mabille, in the heat of the action, monotyping.


The heat is so present, artist has almost stripped.






Jim Dine rehearses for June 7 night.




Rehearsal of reading with composer and bass player Marc Marder of their performance around Jim Dine's new unreleased  poem "My Letter to the Troops".

Sound egineers are fretting for best setup.



Four days before performance, an evocative portrait of the artist came up in "Les Inrockuptibles" to honor the reading.
A classic by portrait master Renaud Monfourny of "Les Inrocks".






Marder has arrived with bass and discusses details and concerns with Dine.

While Dine waits, sound egineers are having a headache of a time to meet Marder's requirements.




Dine waits while everyone is figuring out the best plan.






Jim Dine makes the Cheval Blanc Poem



A complex composition by American artist Jim Dine titled Cheval Blanc Poem has finished end of May and is being signed by him.

This image with an overall of 30 woodblocks and hand interventions and collage is the sequel to the winter project of 6 equal dimension pieces.










A hoodie observes first step of Stéphane Pencréac'h future edition, to be published by art magazine Art Absolument in May 2015. 

In the following stage, touches of color will be applied to the image in black.






New ideas from Mélanie Delattre, Jim Dine, Carole Benzaken,

Yuri Kuper and Marc Desgrandchamps




Early March, breakdown of the 'Bouzard' lamp, which enables us to transfer drawings on tracing paper and photogravures onto litho plate. Master engineer Louis Richebé (at left, under the worried gazes of Pinocchio, Julien Torhy and Marc Moyano) comes to the rescue. 






Fresh proofs from a new collaboration with French painter Carole Benzaken, work in progress for the art magazine Art Absolument.


Following his major undertakings at the shop this past winter, Jim Dine recommences in a frenzy, with a new book project, a series of portraits hand-carved on linoleum, drawn directly from the model. The portraits will illiustrate Dine's long poem, My Letter to the Troops, to be published by Fall 15.






A new collaboration begins with French Mélanie Delattre-Vogt, known for her exquisite draftsmanship.


For this, her first experience in lithography, she
devises several culinary-inspired compositions in stone lithography. 







Hand-stitching by assistant Olympe Racana for the deluxe edition of Blaise Drummond's Louis Vuitton travel book. On the wall, the first state of Carole Benzaken's print; left, a Jim Dine proof.


Yuri Kuper lays down his legendary washes for a new, large-format stone lithograph.






Fearless, as usual, Yuri Kuper applies his washes with a brush.


Using a specific combination of water and grease and water to achieve a patina.






A special "equestrian" edition of 13 copies by Marc Desgrandchamps, commissioned by 
the IAC contemporary art center in Villeurbanne, France.






Blaise Drummond masters a small composition for the deluxe edition of his new Louis Vuitton Travel Book, on his discovery of the Arctic, to be published in April.




Drawing on stone to begin his print for Louis Vuitton. The image, which begins in stone lithography, will then receive several other types of interventions.





With the first proof hanging up behind him, the artist paints an area of water in blue on tracing paper.

The final version, entitled Ny-Alesund, mixing lithography, photogravure, hand-stitching and collage.





Our lifelong project on the 1001 Nights with José Maria Sicilia
begins anew




The fourth volume of the series of six, starts up with Sicilia, left, studying the layout.


The first proofs of his new images, sonogram of bird songs translated into daguerreotype, printed on japanese paper.








Jim Dine's winter session continues with six new, large-scale pieces.



Work on the new series of monumental abstract prints is well underway. Dine prepares a Plexiglas sheet, a support for a monotype in ink for his composition entitled Madame Sleeping.






Dine applies color to the Plexiglas, using either brushes or a spatula.