Jim Dine in November seems ambitious.



Step one in a new adventure into the unknown both for the artist and the atelier. Dine begins his first entirely abstract pieces.




A digital print of a detail from a painting isplaced behind the trace so he may map out his forms with a red light fast marker.



He moves his model around in every direction to fill his format.





Julien Torhy, on the big roller starts to roll up a kaki color to cover Dine's first step a random orange color stroke in woodcut.


Rolling this roller size and expanse demands a lot of gusto.




His outline was transfered onto 4 wood boards and he now starts to carve them out using a chainsaw.




Jean-Michel Othoniel under pressure in November.



A drawing by Othoniel on metal is inked and will pass under pressure in a moment overseen by Swiss assistant Lena Weber. A canvas coverd with gold leaf replaces paper.





A June visit to the Château de Versailles for Lee Ufan.



Marc Moyano et Julien Torhy from behind taking in the Lee Ufan installation in a clearing at Versailles.



Julie Torhy with print team at château entrance.


Julien Torhy in the gardens.



Lee Ufan finishing his last etching.






Mid June, Jean François Maurige comes back for another series on stone..



Maurige, right before starting.




Right off the plane from Moscow, Yuri Kuper commences in June, two of our largest stones.



Yuri Kuper works dirctly with ink and wash on stone.




Shot of one of the finished drawings on stone.


  He's building two pieces for publication by the Bouquinerie de l'Institut in Paris.



Blaise Drummond lands from Ireland in May.

He must move forward on new images and sign finished ones from his last visit.



Blaise Drummond preps his materials en vue of new collaboration with studio.



Brush and ink on fresh stone to lay down the future piece titled Cathedral.


To make an idea come to life, he'll combine such approaches as pencil drawing on stone or tracing paper (above) or brush strokes, and photoengraving, woodcut or etching all on same image.




Blaise examines Experimental House for Marimekko for corrections.


Large format Feel Better is behind him. A finished edition which will be soon signed.




Non conventional wood cutting : the artist jumps on his board to create a sought after snap effect.





End of April : the return of Marc Desgrandchamps.

A real ambition is born : three new color pieces.



Desgrandchamps is back after months of labor on the Pliny the Elder book.

He starts three new pieces.




Above, he works on his first large format in color !


Thanks to all learned during elaboration of the Fragments book, he's able to approach a color composition with more ease.




First proofs hot oof the press. 


He paints always in black. The composition is transferred to our metal plates and inked in any color decided. Here ge's working on the future yellow.



Printing run of Confrontations ongoing drying before yellow pass.


Korean master Lee Ufan in April.




 Lee Ufan will start in May an important body of work with us. He has come with his personal assistant and interpreter Esra Joo to iron out last details before onslaught.


Lee Ufan cares for detail, so much to think about before beginning. We ambition together a set of eleven drypoints at 50 copies. A real gem in the makings. We look forward to it.



Jonone signs in April !




American street artist Jonone comes in to sign his new piece for monthly Art Absolument at 30 copies. 


His signature and signing moment is an event in itself - very focused and generous, he adds elements each time.




Barthélémy Toguo signs in April !




Toguo (center) talking with Michael while signing finished edition for Art Absolument.


An audacious moment as Toguo toe stamps the back of each proof after having pencil signed the whole edition. An artist friend and Olivia Etienne look on.




March progress on Blaise Drummond 



Julien Torhy places with caution one of the eleven woodblocks while Olivia Etienne sets the lineup. Blaise Drummond's future image The Union Trust Company, an edition of 30 copies, uses an array of print methods. He combines woodblock, collage, photogravure, and lithography.






A printmaker's team of four in full swing for this step of the process on Blaise Drummond.


  The tiny blocks are inked individually.





Two unfinished Blaise Drummond Union Trust Company on left and unfinished Barthélémy Toguos hanging center and right.


Michael Woolworth relegated to next to last step of Toguo's image : hand stamping Toguo's flowerpot in purple on the four corners of the image.



A March visit by Frédérique Loutz




Marseilles based artist Frédérique Loutz in town for a few days makes forward progress on image started the year before.


  Loutz is preparing a color composition on mylar for her lithographic folly that will use 5 color    passes. A mix between stone and plate lithography. This specific shot is of her painting for a blue  color.





February with Gunter Damisch : A new experience making uniques combining numerical, collage, spraypaint, woodblock, lithography and mushrooms.


Gunter Damisch prepping one of his large format collage pieces before it goes under the press.




The print team all hands on deck getting the masks ready for above image.


Right before each pass under the press, the artist applies a myriad of masks to the surface of his collaged piece which will be covered over by his woodblock composition.




The Ink Team rolling up a large Damisch woodblock.


Woolworth and Torhy removing mask on spectacular fresh proof.



Mark Brusse in action.

The dutch artist has come to work several stones in February.




Mark Brusse works on second stone for commissioned image by French magazine Art Absolument. On right, Barthélémy Toguo's print also for the magazine.


  Brusse adjusts for third stone.





The painter drops water to have surfaces ready for wash.


  Well advanced wash on stone. This will be printed in white.



A threesome to pull Jim Dine through January.




Julien Torhy, Marc Moyano and Camille Poulie pull a cardboard etching by Jim Dine. Black woodcut by Stéphane Bordarier on wall.



Exertion is of essence. Pressure is maximal. The result wonderful.



Proofs hanging to dry of this virtuoso large format cardboard etching by Mr. Dine. We've never seen anything quite like this.



The year starts with French abstract artist Jean-François Maurige and monotypes.



Jean-François Maurige constructs his world with paint brushes and round shapes. He's building up a monotype composition on plexiglass.