Activities 2011



Frédérique Loutz in February/March.


Work sessions for the project ANDERS by Frédérique Loutz. The artist designed and drew the compositions for ten books, a reinterpretation of certain fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, in collaboration with German poet Ernesto Castillo.

Work began in summer 2010. Views here were taken in February and March 2011. The completed project, presented in April 2011 in the atelier, was launched with a performance and poetry reading by the two authors. The artist also crafted several separate large- and medium-scale prints for the occasion.

Photos : Laurent Ardhuin & MW.


Frédérique Loutz laying down ink for one of the Anders books. The artist hard at work on Book VII, Toupie et ballon, intervening with a spinning top filled with ink. 
Loutz is watched closely by poet Ernesto Castillo.                                                                                     For Prose, she lays a pink watercolor wash in the background.





Stéphane Bordarier examines fresh proofs of new woodcut in May.






September and October:

Allen Jones and Marc Desgrandchamps.

British artist Allen Jones developing a new body of work, a series of six lithographs, for London dealer Alan Cristea. The artist works on an intricate color setup from lithographic stones and plates. Marc Desgrandchamps is seen here working on a lithographic composition, after final retouching on large copper etching produced at the shop and commissioned by the Louvre museum.

Photos: Marc-Antoine Mouterde


Allen Jones puts the finishing touches on a stone composition. Woolworth reviews the stone before trials.
Jones and Woolworth discussing the evolution of one of the lithographs.
Rolling up a plate as trials progress. Desgrandchamps is visible far behind.


Allen Jones' color chart for the trials in progress.



Desgrandchamps in the early stages of his composition.



Delicate stonework necessitates control of the line.

Desgrandchamps' copper plate, straight out of acid bath.
Tools for Desgrandchamps' etching. Proofs of his new etching for the Louvre museum.