An artist’s book inspired by the fairytale Hansel and Gretel was conceived during Frédérique Loutz’s yearlong residency at the Villa Médicis in Rome. Entitled Hänsel & Brätsel, the began as an Italian cookbook, but then developed into a subtle play of forms and overlaps, inspired by the shape of pretzels.


Djamel Tatah talking on the phone. Preparation of plate for big woodcut to be shown at the Georges Pompidou Center. 2007.


Jim Dine working on red robe


Gunter Förg (right) reviewing process for a set published by Galerie Lelong, Paris


Dine drawing a new Pinocchio after Christmas.


Djamel Tatah on his first lithograph early 2007.


Gunter Forg




Two of the four colors designed by Forg one of the new editions.





Gunter Forg composing the set of ten monochrome images. 



On left, the last two compositions for four color image. Right, one of the ten monochrome compositions.