2006 - 2002




Jim Dine on his first large format Pinocchios


Jim Dine surrounded by Pinocchios in 2006.





Stéphane Pencréac'h



Very fresh proofs of The Red One in 2006.


Stéphane Pencréac'h starting Sympathy for the Devil in 2005





Marie-Ange Guilleminot, "Nuancier"



For the Nuancier, French artist Marie-Ange Guilleminot elaborated 119 lithographs on fine Japanese paper, all images from a book on her Hiroshima project. Seventeen different images were pixellized, enlarged, then printed at 5 copies. Each image had 7 variants within the same color family, in a graduated system going progressively from a pale tone to a very dark one. A show of the resulting prints can become a kind of performance piece: the prints can be separated or combined, then hung, in innumerable ways.


Marie-Ange Guilleminot reviewing Nuancier in 2004.



Partial view of booth at Paris art fair FIAC in 2004.





 The 'Louvre' project with José Maria Sicilia




In 2004, for the exhibition Contrepoint at the Louvre Museum, the museum, for the first time, invited 11 contemporary artists to create temporary installations in its galleries. For nearly a year, in a unique collaboration with José Maria Sicilia, Michael Woolworth invented a system for printing lithographs on plaster blocks, recreating the patterns on an ancient Islamic rug from the Louvre’s collection. The resulting work, measuring 3 x 9 meters, was temporarily installed where the original is ordinarily on display.


Sicilia, during experimentation stage, paints copal varnish on transfer sheet face down on plaster blocks.


José Maria Sicilia looking on during final stages of proofing for Louvre project in 2004.




FIAC 1999



Partial view of booth at art fair FIAC in Paris 1999. A very rare and unusual edition of 7 by French painter Jean-François Maurige in woodcut made for the event. The woodcut shapes were printed in and outside of throwaway construction sacks, filled with wall parts.



Vincent Corpet



In 2002, Vincent Corpet was invited to the Atelier to work on several print projects for our editions and is seen here working on large monotypes.

Some of the monotypes hanging on studio's walls are in progress.




       Les tirages des pages du livre d'artiste de Vincent Corpet sèchent suspendues en 2002.