April - May exhibition for 30th anniversary Still Under Pressure, Thirty Years Later....




From April 7 to June 4 are the dates for this dense exhibit marking the thirty years of our activity. 




In showcase are the two books awarded in 2014 & 2015 by the French Academy as best artist book of the year : bottom right - We talked between the rooms, by Farhad Ostovani; and in 2015 - Fragments by Marc Desgrandchamps. Above left to right : Pierre Mabille's monotypes, Yuri Kuper's masterful lithograph, and Didier Demozay's monotypes. 




A wunderkammer with clockwise from the top red bathing suits :  Marc Desgrandchamps, Didier Demozay, David Shrigley, Stéphane Pencréac'h, Marc Desgrandchamps, Frédérique Loutz, Gérard Fromanger, William MacKendree, Blaise Drummond, Stéphane Bordarier, Stéphane Pencréac'h et Djamel Tatah.




Front space with left to right : Philippe Favier - Jean Michel Othoniel - Christian Schwarzwald.





3 from series of ten monotypes by Pierre Mabille in 2015.

Left to right : Jim Dine - Carole Benzaken - Djamel Tatah - Gilgian Gelzer. 





Left to right : Jean François Maurige - Marc Desgrandchamps - Miquel Mont - Gunter Damisch.


Left to right : Gilgian Gelzer - Richard Gorman.




A wall of all works accomplished with Mélanie Delattre-Voght since February 2015. 






Emilie Pitoiset with her imprints of water tracks on wall, José Maria Sicilia's 1001 Nights; volume 4 in showcase.


A wall of Christian Schwarzwald monotypes from October 2015. 





Philippe Favier and Jean-Michel Othoniel.


A Blaise Drummond wall. 





January 2016 exhibition at shop of works by José Maria Sicilia

to honor the publication of volume 4 of the 1001 Nights, edition of 20.



On far walls two of the three large unique sicilia 'rug' prints, titled Veo del pozo, desde abajo, a project dating back to 2010.



Front space with vitrines of new 1001 Nights, volume 4, and all the previous volumes. On wall, a selection of images from volumes 3 & 4.







Guided tour in January 2016 by Michael Woolworth and Julien Torhy

of exhibition at the Musée de Gravelines








Jim Dine : October 29, 2015 - January 31, 2016

Print survey at the Folkwang Museum in Essen Germany.



Entrance to vast display of Jim Dine's print world. Left to right : Michael Woolworth, Julien Torhy and Marc Moyano.




Showing happiness in front of Cheval Blanc Poem and Love in the Wood, the three printers.

Left : Julien Torhy. Center : Jim Dine. Right : Marc Moyano



Julien and Marc, the two magical printers flanked left to right by Dine's new explorations with us : White Truck On Left - Airport, Far Right;   The Dear Ape and Alprazolam and FedEx.




Pinocchio room in museum exhibit.

Yellow Enamel we did in 07 peeks through Fox and Cat sculpture in same room.





Djamel Tatah and Marc Desgrandchamps

well represented in group show, Cher Modèle,

in museum of Gravelines.

October 20 2015 to March 4 2016.



Djamel Tatah's large 2009 piece in woodcut and lithography opens the way behind press. Entrance of national prints and drawing museum near Calais in the town of Gravelines. A group hanging on the theme of the model in prints with among others  David Hockney, Lucian Freud, Max Beckmann, Alberto Giacometti, Marc Desgrandchamps and Djamel Tatah.




Djamel Tatah from center to right. Axel Pahlavi on left.



Desgrandchamps' large format at end of space. Tatah and Hockney on both sides.



A monumental Tatah woodcut from 2013 on left. Hockney on right.





Djamel Tatah.



Marc Desgrandchamps.






October in Paris at the historic library of the Ecole Normale Supérieure near the Pantheon.

Marc Desgrandchamps October 12 - November 20 2015



An exhaustive exhibit on the artist book project Fragments throughout the whole library, including the lithographic stones drawn on by the artist.



Visitors examing cartels and stones.




Showcases lining all the windows with different states, sketches or color proofs. Hanging on racks in front of windows are the mylars drawn by the artist for the different color separations in the book.

The book contains 15 color plates. Each have a first state (in frame) in black on Japanese sheet at 14 copies. 



Pierre Mabille solo show at Villa Tamaris in September with our monotypes



Monotype room.







September exhibit in Swiss print triennial in town of Grenchen.



The Grenchen triennial invited us to show a selection of editions from the last three years in a space alongside several German, Swiss and Austrian printmakers. Center : two new Jim Dine pieces and on his left first showing of new Mélanie Delattre-Vogt "Poulpe". Outside wall on left with Didier Demozay.






The event lasted five days.

One of the guided tours for the public during the event.




Left to right : The two new Jim Dine woodcuts; the four square lithographs by Stéphane Bordarier; the three recent Marc Desgrandchamps; followed on next wall by two Blaise Drummond; to end on outside wall by three Gilgian Gelzer's.


Left to right : Two Djamel Tatah; four Jean François Maurige, and a big Gilgian Gelzer.





A special concert by Jean-Claude Vannier and Bertrand Burgalat in January 


Two masters of composing and arranging music were invited to perform for a special night for "finissage" of the

Marc Desgrandchamps exhibition.



The two muscian friends rehearse in the morning before the concert, with Vannier on the toy piano.




Bertrand Burgalat opened the evening with two compositions...

followed by Jean-Claude Vannier.



On occasion, one stepped in on another instrument (here, Burgalat on bass) to accompany the other.




October poetry night in the workshop:

writers Dominique Quélen and Ann Waldman.

A partnership between the Woolworth atelier and Double Change,

a non-profit Paris-based organization devoted to French and American poetry





Center, Ann Waldman, accompanied on the cello. Left, Vincent Brossard, co-director of Double Change, introduces the poet to the public. Right, Vincent Broqua, co-director of Double Change and Waldman's translator, who participated in the reading.




The performers alternate between French and English, accompanied by the cellist's improvisations.








Dominique Quélen reads from his recent book, published by TH.TY (Théâtre Typographique). 



Writer Dominique Quélen, left, with Michèle Chadeisson, who participated in the reading.







April 18 poetry night and book launch

Yves Bonnefoy, Emily Dickinson, Farhad Ostovani




French poet Yves Bonnefoy signs the new edition of We talked between the rooms, which includes his translation of a Emily Dickinson poem and prints by Farhard Ostovani. 


He later read the Dickinson poem and a selection of his own texts.






Iranian painter Farhad Ostovani signing the copies.




Poet, printer and painter: Yves Bonnefoy, Marc Moyano and Farhad Ostovani.


Yves Bonnefoy glances at cameraman Michel-Ange Seretti during his reading.




February 2014 : Djamel Tatah works on paper 




The totality of the artist's print collaborations with the workshop from the past decade, in a hanging mastered by the artist.













Three large-format wodcuts from 2008, the first large-scale works by Tatah with the workshop.



January poetry night 


4 poets and a double bass : Frédéric Boyer, Olivier Cadiot, Jim Dine et Vincent Katz with Marc Marder





Marc Marder, left, improvises on the double bass while Jim Dine recites his poem.










Olivier Cadiot 




The masterful Cadiot keeps the room alert, even while whispering.






French poet Frédéric Boyer reads excerpts from his new work Dans ma prairie






Vincent Katz.



Two exhibitions of prints by Djamel Tatah from the Woolworth workshop:

A retrospective at the Maeght Foundation, Saint Paul de Vence, and an extensive print show at the art center of Châtellerault




The Tatah family, snapped by paparazzi on opening night at the Maeght Foundation. The exhibition ran through March 6, 2014.


The print room at the Maeght Foundation.





In the Art Center of Châtellerault, the entire body of Tatah's print collaborations with Atelier Woolworth, on display through late January 2014, in a show curated by Gildas le Reste.





Vintage! The early years



VINTAGE 1979 - 1989. The early years. A survey exihibit held in the shop's space
revealing the archives from the 1980's of rare proofs from 35 artists/ Oct- 18 - Dec 7.



Left : 3 Jean Messagier. Right : 3 Hervé Bordas.


Left : Jean Clareboudt.  Right: Doce Solos, a suite by Miguel Angel Campano.




Gunter Damisch at the Albertina Museum, Vienna. 



An exhibit of over 60 works, 


entirely in woodcut.


Numerous works were produced by Atelier Woolworth, Paris; the others were printed by Kurt Zein in Vienna, . 


Wall of unique works: woodcut
compositions were printed on top of the artist's collages.


Two separate woodcuts.


A striking wall of black-and-white pieces.




A dress rehearsal at the Bastille shop for Editions/Atrists' Books Fair in New York City from January 22 - 27, 2013. Mostly book projects were presented this year with from left to right : Jim Dine, Stéphane Pencréac'h, David Shrigley (standing image), Frédérique Loutz and José Maria Sicilia.



The Inferno. Exhibit at shop in November, December 2012 and January 2013 of Stéphane Pencréac'h.



View through the presses of Stéphane Pencréac'h woodcuts.


View of tondos in Pencréac'h show in December & January 2013.


Front space with Narcissus IV, series of small etchings and vitrine of Inferno.



Stéphane Pencréac'h in front of L'horloge II in his exhibition L'enfer, or the Inferno, at the Atelier in November 2012.

The artist, surrounded by Narcissus IV in the hanging of his show.

A performance by Marie-Ange Guilleminot in the rotunda of the Guimet Museum, October 2, 2012, was part of a city-wide event called the "Nuit Blanche". Guilleminot was one of 9 artists invited by the museum to integrate contemporary work into its classical collections in the exhibition I Went, held from September 28, 2012, to January 20, 2013. The artist's installation, called the "Salon de transformation blanc," was presented in the museum's prestigious Rotonde gallery on the fourth floor. The public also made origami objects during the performance. 

The entire edition of the Nuancier (2003) was displayed, one by one, to the public, in a two-hour performance at the Musée Guimet.                                                 



Magnolia, hangs above the workshop's iink block in March exhibit of works by Farhad Ostovani. The print, which combines photogravure and lithography, is printed in an edition of 7.