Stéphane Pencréac'h

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'L'enfer' (hell or inferno) is a visual and tactile love poem, an erotic artist's book printed on rough, black sandpaper that acts as a metaphor for the pain of love. The title refers to 'L'Enfer,' a collection of long-censured erotic in a closed cabinet at France's national library. To enhance the idea of something hidden or forbidden, the book is sealed in a metal slipcase that can only be opened using the key attached to the magnetic sculpture on the cover. This bound, 44-page book is printed on black sandpaper P120, prepared with a coat of white casein paint, it presents 20 collages made by trichloroethylene transfer, with texts by the artist hand-stamped onto the back of the pages. The metal slipcase is adorned with a limited-edition bronze sculpture by the artist. 31,5x26 cm. Ed. 20. Price: 4 000 €