José Maria Sicilia

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Bound artist's book, 50 pages, with 22 interventions in lithography on Shiohara 40g, Bunko Shi 71g and Centaure 120g. Edition of 20 copies with 5 AP. Initiated in 1996, this work-in-progress has now arrived at its halfway point with this third volume of six. A metaphorical and literal reconfiguration of a 1910 French edition of the 1001 nights, the project is based on the Dr. J-C Mardrus translation, published in 8 volumes by Fasquelle, found by the artist and printer at a Paris bookseller’s. Sicilia's transformation begins with undoing the binding on the original volumes and then remounting them. He intervenes with images printed in lithography, monotype and photoengraving, either on top of the fragile pages of the antique edition or by adding his own folios on Japanese paper.