Jim Dine

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Jim Dine, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1935, splits his time between Paris, and Walla Walla, Washington. Over the past ten years, he has collaborated with the atelier on hundreds of prints, from botanicals to tools, portraits, and images of Pinocchio, one of the most significant motifs in his work in the past decade. The most important project to date was undertaken from 2003 to 2006: an illustrated book using the first English translation of Pinocchio. DIne's book assembles a series of 41 hand-colored lithographs in a rustic wooden box designed by the artist. In 2010, he produced another artist's book, "Donkey in the Sea Before Us (Pinocchio and Poems)," with 26 lithographs, and poems and mockup by the artist.

Price range : 2 500 € to 6 000 €