Blaise Drummond

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Blaise Drummond, born in 1967 in Liverpool, United Kingdom, lives and works in Ireland. Our first collaboration, in 2006, was a co-edition with the museum des Sables d'Olonne on the French Atlantic coast for an important solo exhibition of his work. Since 2010, he has traveled to Paris each year from the Irish countryside to work in the print shop. For his work, which explores the relationship between nature and architecture, he combines several printing methods, including lithography (stone or plate), photogravure, etching, woodcut and collage. Behind the apparent modesty of his images lies a considerable effort, reflection and technical accomplishment. While the images appear simple and spontaneous, very little is left to chance – not even “splashes” on the paper, which are, in fact, precisely calibrated.

Price range : 400 € to 2200 €