Roberto Matta

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The Chilean painter Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta Echaurren, known as Matta, was considered "the last of the Surrealists." He was born in 1911 in Santiago, where he studied architecture, and left Chile for Paris in 1934. An early disciple of the architect Le Corbusier, he was adopted into the circle of André Breton and Salvador Dali, and joined the Surrealist movement in 1937. I worked with Matta for more than fifteen years. During that time, we worked obsessively on only one subject: Don Quixote. The first project, "Don Q ?," initiated at the Bordas shop, was completed at my studio in 1985. It brings together 90 images illustrating the first volume of Miguel de Cervantes’ book in comic-book style. In 1990, we completed a second Quixote project, a series of ten lithographs, "Qui d'Eux ?". The following year, we invented a small accordion book that, when folded, could fit in a matchbox, and opened up measured 4.5 meters. Like a Persian miniature, it concealed every scene from the novel.