Arthur Aeschbacher

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Born in Geneva in 1923, this Swiss painter studied at the Geneva l'école des Beaux-Arts before moving to Paris, where he attended Académie de la Grande Chaumiere, Academie Julian and frequented Fernand Léger’s studio. Despite clear similarities to the affichistes, and their use of torn posters, he distanced himself from the French Nouveau Realist movement. Rather than celebrating the anonymous quality of found, torn posters, as did Raymond Hains or Jacques de la Villéglé, he considered them more as a painting material for composing his works. In the 1960s, he collaged them in layers; later, he worked more closely with letters and gradually abandoned collage. He came to the print shop in 1982 and 1983, producing two compositions. We also produced a few small pieces together in the late 1980s.